Pepsi 2010 FIFA Augmented Reality Game Safari Sundays

click image for demo

Safari Sundays was looking to engage users with a fresh interaction with the Pepsi brand. In order to do this, they approached Bajibot with some high level concepts looking for an Augmented Reality (AR) controlled soccer game for launch during the FIFA world cup 2010.

We were responsible for game logic design, interface design, character design, 3D animation, game development, and Flash development, basically the whole deal.

Challenges: This had never been done before. We developed an AR API that surpassed all of the existing web based AR applications. It allowed the application to recognize the Pepsi logo as the marker on a curved surface such as a Pepsi can. In order to maximize penetration rates, this AR game needed to be entirely Flash based so users wouldn’t been to download any 3rd party applications for AR tracking.

Solutions: Our lead programmer worked side by side with the tech lead over at the agency to develop on top of the existing open-sourced AR Flar ToolKit. They enhanced its capability to read any graphical markers (in this case, the Pepsi logo) on a curved surface. All game play was built using a real-time 3D engine in Papervision3D. Our design and 3D team also contributed their creativity to create this awesome 3D AR game.