Google Chrome BBH

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In order to convey the lightning fast speed of Google Chrome web browser, Bajibot was asked to develop banners that would entice users to download the new browser.

Challenges: Because of the extensive scope of the Chrome campaign, the client requested 9 different banners custom fit to reflect the content of the sites they were placed on be produced in short order. Not only that, but following up Chrome’s multi-award winning video campaign, Bajibot felt the pressure to exceed expectations with the counterpart web campaign.

Solutions: Bajibot exemplified the streamlined “Chrome Fast” quality of Google’s new product by whipping out the banners in less than two weeks, drawing accolades for creative 3D work partially produced from actually slicing up a potato and scanning in the texture. —> precision, it was a simple concept but Google’s high demand in precision in the execution was the challenge… our optimization skills and flawless workflow matched up to Google’s expectations