Exxon Clean Microsite Tribal DDB

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TDDB had a vision for the new ExxonMobil Fuels microsite – they wanted to show the journey fuel takes as it travels through an engine.

Challenges:In just 6 weeks Bajibot completed the entire ExxonMobil microsite from concept, design, 3D animation and storyboarding through to execution. In addition to the microsite, Bajibot also created a series of Rich Media expandable banners and Standard banners to drive traffic to the website.

Solutions:To make the engine unidentifiable, we modified a traditional engine to custom model. Using fluid simulation we created the fuel with heavy legal directions in viscosity and color. For some added fun, we recommended building a glass engine to best illustrate the engine’s inner workings and the fuels journey. Utilizing our wealth of 3d knowledge, we created some beautiful 3d renders and incorporated them into a Flash Microsite, complete with additional features such as sound design and well rounded RM banner campaign.